8 Skin Care Tips to Face a New Year

Hitting the gym? See what an expert recommends to avoid “bacne” after a sweaty workout.

Experts recommend applying sunscreen daily—even in the winter months. Photo Credit: Getty
Experts recommend applying sunscreen daily—even in the winter months. Photo Credit: Getty

While most New Year’s resolutions revolve around diet and exercise, blogger and esthetician Cate Campbell believes taking care of your skin can enhance other efforts to be healthy in 2014.

“A healthier you translates to a beautiful healthy skin,” she wrote in her blog post New Year! New Beautiful You!

Here are some tips from her blog:

1. Wear sunscreen daily.

2. Develop a good nighttime routine.

3. Don’t pick at your skin—red marks can linger.

4. If you wear makeup, clean cosmetics brushes once a week.

5. Visit a dermatologist to check moles and have a full body exam.

6. Clean up after the gym and wear clothes that wick sweat away from your skin to prevent “bacne.”

7. Exfoliate regularly: twice a week.

8. Get assessed by a professional skin care expert.

Click here to read more in “the skinny on skincare” blog.

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Anthony Turner January 08, 2014 at 11:08 AM
Although cosmetics are essential in skin care, another of the most important things to think about is our diet, like the vitamins and nutrients we feed ourselves. We should also look after our bodies internally. If you would like more information on this, please read my blog post http://www.thebrokenson.com/vitamins-for-perfect-skin/
Tara Tompson March 28, 2014 at 02:21 PM
I always thought that it was just me who broke out more when starting to exercise again! My solution is just to shower and wash my face right after the gym. I only exfoliate once a week though, maybe I'll try two. Tara | http://southwestdermatology.com


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