Share Your Farmington Snow Storm Photos Here

A picture is worth 1,000 words. Help us tell Farmington's February snow storm story in photos.

It's only an hour and a half into this February snow storm - Nemo or Charlotte (Farmington's calling it Charlotte. Which are you going with?) and I am already fearing cabin fever. So I sent the kids outside to start shoveling the inch or so of snow we already have.

What are you doing today?

Share what's going on -in your house and outside- by taking photos and uploading them to this article. 

Birds frantically eating at your feeder? Using the time for fun family bonding projects? Do you have a giant pile of canned goods, bread, milk and eggs - or better yet, are you actually making french toast?

Show us. 

I'll add photos from around Farmington (when it's safe to drive, of course) and we want to see yours too!

To submit your photos, click the "Add Photos & Videos" button above this gallery.


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