Redeveloped Carrolltown Mall Site to be Anchored by Walmart Supercenter (Updated)

What is now known as Carrolltown Mall will be replaced by the Eldersburg Commons, according to a Black Oak Development representative.

As many Patch readers speculated last week, a Walmart Supercenter will be included in the future plans of the redeveloped Carrolltown Mall site. 

Dixon Harvey of Black Oak Associates revealed the plans at a Town Hall meeting Monday night hosted by Commissioner Doug Howard. 

Harvey told Patch last week that the project would include a $50 million total redevelopment of the site.

According to a Black Oak Associates news release, Eldersburg Commons will replace the 35-year-old Carrolltown Center complex located at 6400 Liberty Road. Retailers will include fashion, beauty and home goods, as well as a steak house, leading “fast casual” restaurants and more than 20 merchants that are new to the Eldersburg market.

“The ground-up redevelopment of Carrolltown Mall will be an important milestone for our community,” said Carroll County Commissioner Doug Howard. “The successful completion of this project will benefit our community and help reenergize the Liberty Road corridor.” 

The redevelopment is expected to create 221 jobs during its construction phase and will permanently support more than 630 new jobs upon completion according to the news release. It is also projected to generate approximately $540,000 in new revenues for Carroll County annually and $6 million for the next decade.

“This project is something the community has patiently waited for, and something we have been working on, for many years,” said Dixon Harvey, Partner at Black Oak Associates. “Now that the former anchor store’s lease has expired, we can move into high gear to completely transform the center into something brand new, attractive and beneficial to the people of Eldersburg.”

The new Walmart Supercenter will employ 300 people and offer a full line of groceries, a bakery, and more than 30 merchandise departments according to the release.

The project leasing will be managed by KLNB retail in Towson.

The revitalization plans for Eldersburg Commons were officially submitted to the county on April 22. The company aims to start construction in the fall. For more details on the project, visit www.popularise.com.

Are you happy with the prospect of Eldersburg Commons? Tell us in comments.

This article was updated Tuesday morning with details from the news release and the artists renderings of the proposed site.

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dewey April 25, 2013 at 07:45 PM
Don't hold your breath for an urgent anything...if main street was developed first and it is still nothing...what makes you think this will be any different?
Dave R. April 26, 2013 at 01:35 PM
Did someone call for a meeting of Cynics?
Christian May 12, 2013 at 07:06 PM
Okay, so why are we building a Super Walmart again? I mean I know it's good and everything that it's slightly more expanded and sounds cool since it has "Super" in the title, but we have a perfectly good Walmart that people enjoy going to. I personally think it's a waste of money to have to demolish the current Walmart, and then build it back up just in a different location. But, besides that, sounds pretty cool and I'm looking forward to more "Child/Teenage Friendly" businesses moving in. Or at least that's what I hope happens...
Buck Harmon May 13, 2013 at 12:48 PM
Carroll has devolved to being a "Walmart County"...it's in keeping with the type of homes that were allowed to be built in the plastic shack developments over the past 20 years or so...( lowest standards allowable by law)..
BillR5 November 21, 2013 at 08:44 AM
Are there any updates on what stores are going to be built??? Any update would be nice.


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