Will You Travel From Eldersburg to Columbia for Wegmans?

Local residents talk area grocery stores.

A started by the expansion of Wegmans in Columbia, met with a variety of response from local readers. 

Here's a sampling of what people said on Facebook and in the comments section on Patch. You're welcome to add your own thoughts below.

Stacie C. Morris

"I'm looking forward to special trips to Wegmans, but for every day shopping, I will still go to Martins (in Eldersburg)." 

Amy McGovern 

"Lower the gas prices in Eburg and than the trip will make sense! Exxon at $3.95 ugh." 

Rebecca Abresch Tees 

"Love the Treehouse at Martin's."

jag March 22, 2012 at 02:26 PM
What I can't find in BJ's after buying gas, I can find in my local E'burg grocery store.
Val April 04, 2014 at 04:40 PM
do it every weekend, better food quality. Martins is cheaper of course, but the food quality is "cheaper" as well. I prefer my flounder fillet, wild salmon fillet, dry aged steak, smoked duck breast, cheese selection, olive bar etc. from Wegman's can't find it in Martins and there is Godiva store in Wegman's love it!


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