Comment: ‘Carrolltown Has Lost A Lot To Commercialized Greed’

Eldersburg Patch readers comment on the news of the week.

Eldersburg readers took their opinions to Patch this week, commenting most on the closing of the Kmart, the Carroll County Commissioners’ objections to the ‘driveway tax’ and a Corvette-driving 87-year-old. Here is a selection of some of our most noteworthy comments.

Eldersburg Kmart Slated to Close "Now there is a chance to improve the mall and bring in some wanted businesses to that highly visible area." - Gerald Smith

"What a shame. Carrolltown has lost a lot to commercialized greed. First the "e" in its name and now the only store in town that sells the most American-made products without a large margin of profit." - Nera K 

"Hey! Annapolis! How about a 'tax every blade of grass' tax??!! Every flower? Every bush? Go pound of sand! Maryland...no longer 'the land of pleasant living.' - withavengeance

Will a Maryland Gas Tax Help or Hurt the Working Poor? "What happened to the money that was in the transportation fund? We can't seem to find the answer to that question. Now, OweMalley (yes I know it’s not really OweMalley) talks about a ‘firewall’ that will prevent these funds from being spent on other things. Great job after the fund was raided and squandered in the past!" - STUART WEINBERG 

Corvette-driving 87-Year-Old Says Kindergarteners Keep Her Young "The staff, students, and parents are blessed to have Mrs. Knauff doing so much for the children at Carrolltown. She is truly one-of-a-kind and we love her!" - Greg Killian

JoeEldersburg February 26, 2012 at 11:44 PM
Despite the appearance, Black Oak is really one of the good guys. Kmart has been an impediment and hopefully their closing will be a catalyst to redevelopment. The Town Center mixed use concept they want to build would be a boon to Eldersburg. Unfortunately, with the closing the property will most likely get even worse before it is finally demolished to make room for the new development.


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