Eldersburg Ranks in CNNMoney's Top Places to Live

Eldersburg ranks No. 67 on CNNMoney's list of America's best small towns.

CNNMoney released its list of America's Best Small Towns, ranking Eldersburg no. 67 in the nation and no. 2 in the state.

The list is an annual report put out by Money Magazine since 2005, ranking America's best towns and cities with a description of why they're the places to settle down. 

The town of Eldersburg has made the list three times, ranking No. 56 in 2007 and No. 47 in 2009

This year CNNMoney described Eldersburg, with its population of 31,200, as a place for those looking for an easy commute to Washington, D.C., stating, "the town, once mostly farmland, has seen a steady influx of families over the last 20 years" and "while the homes aren’t cheap, the county’s public schools rank among the best in the state."

Two other Maryland towns ranked on the list: Montgomery Village at no. 40, and Crofton at no. 82. 

This year's national top prize went to Louisville, CO, a small town with a population of 18,400. 

Ross Dangel August 17, 2011 at 10:01 PM
Pretty awesome, considering we're not even really a town! It makes me proud to live here, but I know that we still have a very long way to go when I think about all the things good small towns have that we don't, despite longstanding plans for improvement. It would be nice to have a big Eldersburg park or a nice rec center with turf fields or maybe some bike paths and sidewalks, or a theatre or how about a less congested Liberty Road and an upscale shopping center?...If we had any of this, just imagine how far up the list we might move! Still Eldersburg rocks and we should be proud we live here, but we need to make a point of pushing our elected leaders to equitably invest more of the huge income and property tax burden we pay, back into our community. Right now, we're subsidizing the rest of the county. I thought these Commissioners were against Socialism! Maybe we need to actually become our own town...or maybe Sykesville can just annex us :)


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