Leasing Solar.

I have always wanted to put Solar on my home.I knew that i could save a ton of money by doing so. But did not have $20 thousand or more to do it. Now thanks to leasing,i can save a bundle. The last year the electric bills averaged $250 a month. Now i pay $28 per month lease for 20 years and no more than $90 per month for my electric and could even be a lot less. So at $250 per month at todays rates for 20 years,thats $60 thousand! But because i am leasing the system at $118 per month including the lease. That totals at 20 years,for $28.320. That is a huge savings of $19.680 bucks.And as rates to continue to rise my savings will be even greater! Plus our roof is partly shaded.This is the way to go,if you want to save big on you electric bills. And installation is FREE. Check this out,and learn more at, Viridian.com/D.Jordan. 


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