Explosives Destroyed Mailboxes in Sykesville, Fire Officials Say

The Maryland State Fire Marshal is investigating.

Six mailboxes in Sykesville were destroyed with fireworks late Sunday night and early Monday morning, officials from the Maryland State Fire Marshal said.

Officials started receiving reports of the destroyed mailboxes with fireworks found inside in multiple locations around Sykesville Monday morning, said Maryland State Fire Marshal Deputy Chief John Wagner.

There were no injuries reported.

Wagner said vandalism to mailboxes in Carroll County is not unusual, but this is the first safety officials have heard reports of mailbox vandalism by explosives.

"We hadn’t had it with the explosives, but .... the sheriff’s department has had quite a bit of physical damage to mailboxes--that’s county-wide," he said. “It’s probably juveniles with not enough to do, but it is an ongoing investigation."

Safety officials said they believe the multiple incidents reported Monday are related.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call 888-214-7892.

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