Carroll County Sheriff's Office Major Faces Misconduct Charges

Prosecutors allege that Maj. Nicholas Plazio gave false information in a homicide case.

Maj. Nicholas Plazio of the Carroll County Sheriff's Office resigned Wednesday after the Office of the Maryland State Prosecutor charged him with misconduct in office.

According to charging documents, Plazio willfully and knowingly gave false information to the Carroll County State's Attorney Office, and gave false testimony in court, in connection to cases against Russell Scott Laderer and Cassandra Glover.

Laderer and Glover were implicated in the 2010 stabbing death of Jeremiah DeMario of Hampstead.

In March, Carroll County State's Attorney Jerry Barnes dismissed charges against Laderer and Glover, saying in a statement that the Carroll County Sheriff's Department was to blame.

According to a Sheriff’s Office news release, Sheriff's Office personnel are cooperating fully with the independent investigation being conducted by the Office of the Maryland State Prosecutor.   

The release further stated that "Until the results of this independent investigation are known, any further comments would be inappropriate and speculative."

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Buck Harmon January 11, 2013 at 10:27 PM
With all of the experience and training I would expect his statements that pertain to a murder...loss of life...to be spot on. More so than the average citizen that does not get paid to assume this responsibility.. I respect the fact that you stand up for your father and wish you both well in the future
Sanchez January 11, 2013 at 10:50 PM
That is a MAJOR Jr. Smackdown! You go Nicholas Plazio Jr. Any Dad should be proud of that statement.
Sanchez January 11, 2013 at 10:53 PM
Nicholas Plazio Jr. You are so lucky that Dad is still around at such an age as so many in law enforcement are taken too soon. Bless your family.
Nicholas Plazio Jr January 12, 2013 at 01:00 AM
Buck Harmon I can appreciate that position on the surface. However my dad wasn't questioned until a year after the incident when it went to trial. He was praised for having his detective close the case. And then it goes to trial and we find out the detective was unconstitutional and he says because my dad ordered him to violate someones rights. I've never even been a cop, but I've been a correctional officer and a Marine and even I know you do not EVER follow an unlawful order. So worst case scenario, which I don't believe, Epperson knowingly violated the law even if he was given such an order. Its like me telling you to kill someone and you do it. But you tell the DA you did it because I said so and they give you immunity. Does that sound fair? I mean no disrespect but I think you're confusing being educated with being superman. I don't know of any officer, judge or lawyer that can give %100 accurate accounts of an incident that occurred a year ago. Especially when you oversee hundreds of cases and meet thousands of faces during that year. If anything ever happens to me there is no one other then the CCSO I want investigating. I know the standards the deputies are held to. My dads professionalism is the reason the CCSO is an accredited law enforcement agency. Aka exemplary or one of the best regarding case closure and ethical practices. Heck he worked in internal affairs investigating corrupt police. Now people want to blog and call him criminal. Absurd!
Nicholas Plazio Jr January 12, 2013 at 01:02 AM
Thank you Sanchez. I never dreamed this is how his career would end but finally he can partake in a much deserved retirement.


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