Report: Carroll County Teen Charged for Making Multiple False 911 Calls

The juvenile made four 911 calls with false information about fires and car accidents.

Deputy State Fire Marshals have charged a 14-year-old male juvenile with making multiple false alarm calls to 911, according to a news release.

Investigators determined the youth made four false alarm calls with claims of two shed fires and two vehicle crashes in the Finksburg area, according to the release. All four calls were made between Jan. 4 and Feb. 11.

The fire marshal said no motive for the calls has been established.

The juvenile has been charged with four counts of false alarm, four counts of misuse of a telephone and four counts of making false statements to a public official. If convicted, he faces penalties of up to 34 years imprisonment and/or $24,000 in fines, according to the fire marshal.

He has been released to the custody of his father pending actions by the Department of Juvenile Services.

State Fire Marshal William E. Barnard said that causing a false alarm is "not only against the law; it puts people at risk of injury."

Barnard noted that first responders could potentially be involved in an accident when responding to or leaving the scene which could result in a delayed response to a real fire and/or other medical emergency.

“People that cause false alarms shall be held legally responsible for any harm that comes from their act,” Barnard said.


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