Commissioners Cancel Sept. 13 Airport Discussion

Commissioners say information from the FAA made the meeting unnecessary.

The airport runway protection zone (RPZ) discussion tentatively scheduled for Sept. 13 is cancelled in light of a change in Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) guidelines according to a county news release.

During a meeting on Aug. 23, staff and Roy Lewis, from Delta Consultants, told the that the FAA had changed the RPZ in such a way that the building was now within this zone. Concern for the ARC caused the Commissioners to schedule a meeting as soon as possible to resolve this issue.

Subsequent to the Aug. 23 meeting, county staff and Commissioner Richard Rothschild had conversations with the FAA concerning the RPZ and the negative impact the zone had on the ARC building according to a release. These conversations revealed that the FAA had already amended the RPZ and the ARC building was no longer within the zone.

This change has been noted in a bulletin released by the FAA and will be codified in the FAA guidelines to be issued on September 20, 2012.

Since the RPZ issue was the topic of discussion related to the airport on Sept. 13, and this issue has been resolved, the airport will not be discussed during the Sept. 13 meeting.

The Commissioners had previously directed staff to correspond with the FAA regarding the Airport Layout Plan (ALP) and a further airport discussion will be scheduled when these answers are received.

Information in this article was taken from a Carroll County government news release.

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