Got Garbage? Work Group Explores Trash Solutions

Commissioner Doug Howard created a solid waste work group to explore long term trash solutions for Carroll County. The group will meet Friday at 2 p.m.

When the Carroll County commissioners took office a year and a half ago, they also inherited the decisions made by the previous board. At least one such decision remains in limbo: what to do with Carroll County's solid waste.

In 2009, the previous board of Carroll County commissioners partnered with Frederick County in planning to build a waste-to-energy (WTE) incinerator.

In its first year of office, the current board of commissioners did not formally discuss the WTE plans, which sparked community concern in both counties. In February of this year, the board of commissioners at to discuss waste options for Carroll County.

A half dozen industry and organization representatives presented at the forum and citizens had the opportunity to weigh in (see attached video of the forum).

In March, Commissioner Doug Howard created a solid waste work group which, according to a news release, is comprised of approximately 10 individuals including members of the county's Environmental Advisory Council, local advocacy group WasteNot! Carroll and area business leaders with an expertise in this area.

A county news release says that the group's objective will be "to find current solid waste alternatives that either alone or in conjunction with other options, will be capable of reducing the county’s municipal waste stream. Additionally, these alternatives must be real technology that will handle a significant portion of the solid waste stream and can be provided at a cost which is in proportion to the benefits it provides to the county."

The Solid Waste Work Group, which has already met a couple times, is scheduled to meet Friday at 2 p.m. at the county office building. Commissioner Howard will attend the meeting.


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