Hoods Mill Landfill Scheduled to Close July 1

The Carroll County commissioners decided to close the Hoods Mill Landfill during the budgeting session.


commissioners debated options for the Hoods Mill Landfill in open session on Tuesday before deciding to stick with the plan to close the landfill, located in Woodbine, on July 1 of this year.

During the budget process, the board decided to close the landfill because a $250,000 investment was required to continue operations.

The $250,000 is for a new roof and a new front loader. Hoods Mill costs approximately $46,000 a year to operate, according to Department of Public Works deputy director Jeff Topper.

Commissioner Richard Rothschild argued for the board to explore ways to keep the landfill open.

Rothschild said he is concerned that the board doesn’t know the impact this closure would have on the Northern Landfill and the board is unsure if the decision to close Hoods Mill can be reversed at a later time.

The , located on Rt. 140 in Westminster, is the only other operational landfill in the county. It is open Monday through Saturday.

Commissioner Doug Howard suggested suspending operations at Hoods Mill for 60 days to gauge the impact on the Northern Landfill.

“If the end of the world happens, we open it up again,” Howard said.

Topper said that on average, the Northern Landfill sees about 700 vehicles on a Saturday while Hoods Mill sees about 300 vehicles. Hoods Mill is only open on Saturdays and accepts trash and recycling.

Rothschild said that he has heard from constituents who want the landfill to stay open. He said people have suggested keeping the facility open on a more limited basis or charging more for people to use it.

“I think the general sense is that it’s still more desirable to have something at a higher fee than to drive 20 miles to Northern Landfill,” Rothschild said.

Commissioner Dave Roush responded, “Somehow folks from Taneytown and Union Bridge still find ways to dispose of trash."

Commissioner Robin Bartlett-Frazier said she would support keeping the landfill open if it could pay for itself.  She said she would like the county to explore the option of a private company leasing the site and taking over the services.

Topper reminded the commissioners that regardless of who is operating the landfill, a new roof will be necessary due to Maryland Department of the Environment requirements.

The commissioners asked staff to reach out to trash companies to see if there is an interest in a private company providing a trash drop off point in that area. Additionally, the board wants to know if there is an option to re-open the landfill once they close it.

At the end of the discussion, the commissioners confirmed that the plan to close Hoods Mill Landfill on July 1 is still in place.

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hh June 13, 2012 at 05:35 PM
Make it a motocross track as it was before it was a landfill.There needs to be a place were off-road riders can go besides the railroad tracks and powerlines.
watchingfive June 14, 2012 at 11:37 AM
Carroll County is large enough that people in the southwestern quadrant need someplace to go other than Northern Landfill. Northern Landfill is already way overcrowded, especially on weekends - I know this firsthand. Maybe the commissioners would let people in South Carroll dump yard waste in their yards since they don't seem to understand or care what their constituents need. The commissioners would better serve their constituents by spending the bucks to keep a well-used landfill open than wasting our tax dollars on ridiculous lawsuits against the state and padding their legal slush fund with a half million dollars. The money is there - these clowns are simply squandering it on all the wrong things.
southcarrollresident June 14, 2012 at 01:26 PM
Obviously, the people that make these decisions must live in Northern Carroll County. Now, people will be dumping trash on their property and other inappropriate places as they don't want to travel to Westminster. Just what Southern Carroll needed as gas prices are at their highest. Not good...once again, who cares about the Hoods Mill/Southern Carroll area...maybe we need to put a green recycling plant in Northern Carroll County and see how they feel about the stench?
June Horner June 16, 2012 at 02:59 AM
I totally agree with 'watching five' & 'southcarrollresident'. My husband and I are horribly disappointed to hear this news..... I am certain the usage statistics are way low & completely incorrect. In our experience on our regular weekly or bi-weekly visits to Hoods Mill landfill... there are ALWAYS at least 2 or 3 others dropping off recyclables at the same time . Likewise... there are ALWAYS several vehicles unloading yard waste. I doubt that we would always just happen to come at the same time as the allegedly few other users of Hoods Mill Landfill....
Bruce Taylor June 18, 2012 at 05:12 PM
Leave it open.It's bad enough the county can't come up with County run trash pick-up thats included in our taxbill. Now my neighbors will burn more trash or dump it along the road somewhere.


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