Roads Clear to Varying Degrees; Safety Precautions Urged

Town crews have well cleared main roads and are continuing to run down side streets. A decision about school tomorrow will be made this afternoon.

Town crews have been working through the night, plowing roads around Farmington and working to make them passable for Monday's commute.

"They've worked more than 24 hours to clear as many roads as possible but there's only so much equpiment and only so much room to put the snow," said Town Council Chairman Jeff Hogan Sunday morning. "They're doing their best to clear intersections. We're having the same problems commercial establishments are."

Still, Hogan said, it's important that drivers slow down because site lines are limited and it's difficult to see a car trying to emerge from a side street or a child playing in a snow bank.

There are other safety concerns to be aware of, too. Hogan asked that residents remember to clear snow from around their fire hydrants. Fireplaces are also getting more use during this weather and the firefighters have already responded to one chimney fire this weekend and several calls for a smell of gas. Residents should be mindful of clearing snow from around their vents and meters.

Residents should also be mindful of carbon monoxide dangers, Hogan said, mentioning a boy who died in Boston after the storm because he was poisoned by the gas, sitting in a car while his father shoveled snow.

The superintendent of schools will likely make a decision about whether to hold school Monday this afternoon. Check back for updates.

Sarah February 10, 2013 at 09:55 PM
I just want to commend the Herculian effort of these crews! This is our first year living in this town and I was so impressed with how much snow was cleared in such a short time! Great job!
Kaitlin Glanzer February 12, 2013 at 03:29 AM
Welcome to town, Sarah. There is no doubt Farmington was plowed, shoveled and moving faster (and cleaner) than many of its neighbors. Great job to all our public officials and town employees.


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