No Snow Could Mean Early Summer for Carroll County Students

School is letting out earlier than last year.

Hey kids, there's an upside to those snow days you didn't get this winter: an early summer.

Not even could disrupt the expected earlier beginnings to the summer of 2012, data shows.

Students in Baltimore, Prince George’s, Anne Arundel, Howard, Carroll and Montgomery counties are among those statewide who will likely be starting their summer break a week or more earlier than last year due to a particularly balmy winter that produced no snow days.

This academic year, the average number of snow and inclement weather days for those counties was about 1.2 compared to 4.5 last academic year, according to a Patch review.

This year, schools commonly took inclement weather days to recover from complications from

The last day of school this year is June 8 for students in Prince George’s, Anne Arundel and Carroll counties, which ended their school years on June 17, June 14 and June 16 in 2011, respectively.

However, the end date in Carroll County will not be officially approved until a school board meeting later this month, a school spokeswoman said.

Howard County made headlines after it due to heavy rains, flooding and power outages following the hurricane, and Prince George’s County was also among those that closed for a day due to the storm.

Howard County officials said the district’s June 11 scheduled last day of school was also tentative, and is dependent on good weather for the rest of the year.

Last year, Howard County students

“Of course, we can never be sure that school won't be disrupted for weather-related or other reasons over the next two months,” wrote Howard County district spokeswoman Patti Caplan in an email.

Montgomery County students will have their last day on June 12, compared to June 16 last year.

And it's likely June 14 for Baltimore County students, a date that’s still in flux and subject to change based on school board decisions, officials said.

Baltimore County school students had their last day on June 17 in 2011, data shows.

Weigh in below: Does an earlier ending to the school year improve your summer break plans?


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