Speak Out: How Far Can the Ravens Go?

Do the Ravens have what it takes to make a Super Bowl appearance?

The Baltimore Ravens are 9-2 going into week 13 of the regular season. In spite of injuries, the Ravens have been able to pull out victories in key games. So what do you think, are the Ravens Super Bowl bound?

An ESPN blogger thinks that they could be. According to the blog, with the Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger out for injuries, the Ravens are positioned to win the division. If the Ravens are the AFC North champs, they will guarantee themselves at least one home playoff game and could gain a first-round bye if they secure one of the top two seeds according to the ESPN blog.

Questioning Raven quarterback Joe Flacco's ability to get his team to the big game? According to the ESPN blogger, Flacco is the first quarterback in the NFL since the 1970 merger to lead a team to the playoffs in his first four years in the league and has the second-most playoff wins over the first four years of a career (Tom Brady ranks first).

The Ravens defense, known for its ability to stop offenses over the past decade, have faced injuries to several starters this year including Ray Lewis and Lardarius Webb. An NFL columnist wrote for CBS Sports that the Ravens have to be better on offense to win a Super Bowl--no matter how good they are or aren't on defense.

What do you think? Can the Ravens pull it together and make a run for the Superbowl? Tell us in comments.

Mason Redd December 02, 2012 at 02:27 PM
The ravens can go to the Super Bowl and win it as a ravens fan as long as the defense keeps improving and the offense keeps putting up points they will go all the way


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