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I'm a resident of Levittown for about five years now, having moved from Queens.  As of my last birthday, I'm officially 'forty-ish.'  Married for almost fifteen years, my wife and I have awesome, completely crazy seven-year old twin boys.  We have a small dog that thinks he's twice his size. I'm as liberal as they come when it comes to social issues (such as people's rights to live their lives the way they want to), but I've been known to dance a little bit more moderately when it comes to economics (not THAT much though.  Don't get too excited).
I'm what you'd call a geek: I read comics.  I play video games.  I'm a hub of useless knowledge.  I decorate my front yard for Halloween like some people do for Christmas. That's not enough for you?  Well okay... Me on that Facebook thing http://www.facebook.com/tom.lasusa Me on that Twitter thing http://twitter.com/tomlasusa
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